Welcome to my personal corner of the World Wide Web. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Here you can find a few random blog posts on various software development topics. Deploying on serverless, creating AUR packages, and JavaScript development. I have a few more in the works, related to Go (the programming language) and functional programming/monads. You can also read a tiny bit on me on the “about” page. I’m trying to blog more this year. We’ll see how it goes.

If you want to contact me, have a question you would like to ask, or just want to talk some shit hit me on Twitter or email. Later fools.

Some Projects

cms, general purpose content mangement infrastructure. Now in limited public alpha.
E3, bare-bones object storage.
Zanzibar, a programming language that cares about your finders. No implementation yet.
wtf2, a modern, spiritual successer to wtf(6).
ASCII, an API to transform images ASCII text.
Ego, Evan's Go. A fork of the Go programming language to add the maybe monad (a la Rust result).
smscp, the easiest way to copy text snippets to and from all your devices.
Wigly, a tiny, React inspired UI library for the web.