Folks, hello, hi, ahoj!

Photo from the beginning of Lecture 1A of MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986

Welcome to my personal corner of the big World Wide Web. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Here you can find a few random blog posts on various software development topics. Deploying on serverless, creating AUR packages, and JavaScript development. I have a few more in the works currently, related to Go (the programming language) and functional programming/monads. You can also read a tiny bit on me on the “about” page but I’ll add some details about me here as well.

I'm Evan. The computer things are the things I enjoy. It started out as a hobby when I was an early teen. Wanting to be a “hacker” which led me to C/C++. Wanting to customize my MySpace page which led me to JavaScript/HTML/CSS. I keep finding new things to learn. My ongoing kicks and favorite topics have been functional programming, various lisps, Go, and serverless.

More on me: I don’t work right now! I’m busy completing a four year at the University of Idaho. Previously worked in Spokane, Washington then remotely in Seattle, Washington for a web and app shop, CrowdHub Apps. Great place where I learned a ton from.

And uh… I guess I’ll share some things that aren’t about computery junk… I love some healthy political debate and invite anyone to yell at me about politics. Before the computer science I was first a philosophy major and then a mathematics major. That was a weird time. Sometimes I read. Not nearly as much as I use to. It sounds pretentious but I loved the existential playwrights. If you might be into 'em I highly recommend reading Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinoceros. I’m also learning Czech!

If you want to contact me, have a question you would like to ask, or just want to talk some shit hit me on Twitter or email. Later fools.