Ahoj (old)

Welcome to my personal corner of the World Wide Web. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Here you can find a few random blog posts on various software development topics. Deploying on serverless, creating AUR packages, and JavaScript development. I have a few more in the works, related to Go (the programming language) and functional programming/monads. You can also read a tiny bit on me on the “about” page. I’m trying to blog more this year. We’ll see how it goes.

If you want to contact me, have a question you would like to ask, or just want to have a healthy discussion on a topic of your choosing hit me on Twitter or email. Later fools.

Some Projects

  • cms, general purpose content mangement infrastructure.
  • E3, bare-bones object storage.
  • Zanzibar, a programming language that cares about your fingers. No implementation yet.
  • wtf2, a modern, spiritual successer to wtf(6).
  • ASCII, an API to transform images to ASCII text.
  • Ego, Evan's Go. A fork of the Go programming language to add the maybe monad (a la Rust result).
  • smscp, the easiest way to copy text snippets to and from all your devices.
  • Wigly, a tiny, React inspired UI library for the web.

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