Life Finds a Way; Shit Box V1.0

Feb 07, 2020

It’s almost mandatory to have a laptop or desktop computer as a computer science student. I imagine this is the same for most if not all majors. There are students that get by with a simple notepad and pencil in class. Often times it’s due to the physical act of writing something down that aids the student’s memorization rather than not owning a means to compute.

Cars break down, you forget to pay your electric bill, transfering your Venmo balance to your bank takes longer than you expect, Google closes all their offices in China due to coronavirus (COVID-19) (absolutely facing millions in lost profits...).

The computer science cohort at the University of Idaho surprise me. Faced with one of the greater impoverishments of life in the United States they lift themselves by their own bootstraps while being bootless.

My buddy's laptop situation.

Update: sometimes you find a monitor in the wild. Your rechargable keyboard doesn’t always have to use 1024×768.

The rechargable keyboard hooked up to a library monitor.